Two Poems in Latest Issue of Commonweal

con ed plant

Image: Consolidated Edison power plant in Manhattan (Hope Alexander, EPA)

I am beyond grateful to have two more poems in the forthcoming issue of Commonweal Magazine, one of which is dedicated to the lovely Monique Edwards and both of which are online now!

Read "Annual Thaw" here,

and read "Found in the City," dedicated to Mo, here.

          the water, the worms, the city become
          a room resonant with confusion and us . . . (read poem)


Poem: "Sweet Potato Elegy"

I'm very pleased to share that my poem "Sweet Potato Elegy" has been published in the May 18, 2018 issue of Commonweal Magazine, available online here!  Here's a teaser:

          I used to think a tumor like a stone
          or tuber could be lifted from the land

          it lodged in. This was not so. Sweet orange flesh
          of future bloom, you'll spread your steaming funk

          for us tomorrow if I tend you well . . . (read)

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image from Elements of Agriculture, for Use in Schools, 1903


Poem: "Losing Track of the Conversation"

The latest issue of Dunes Review includes both my first poem published in print since undergrad and my brother Sam Linstrom's first print publication, which is this image that he made in response to the poem. You can order a copy of this Winter/Spring 2018 issue here, and you can see my poem and Sam's illustration as they appear further down in this post. I've already begun to tear into some of the other work in this issue, and there's some good stuff.


Inside Your Mouth, 2018, by Sam Linstrom, b. 1992


Three Poems

Very happy to share news of the publication of three poems in Narrative Northeast's "Eco Issue," alongside such poetic heroes as Camille Dungy and Kwame Dawes. You can read my small contribution here (preferably on a full screen, for best formatting with the image). Even better, my pieces are accompanied by this lovely illustration by my brother Sam Linstrom! His work is amazing and you should follow him on Twitter!

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Soot, 2018, by Sam Linstrom, b. 1992


Poem: "What was Precious"

I'm very happy to announce the publication of my poem "What was Precious" in Valparaiso Poetry Review. You can read the poem here, and listen to my reading of it here.


Cover art (Superb Sunbird, 1991, by Robert Lostutter, b. 1931) for issue XIX.1 of Valparaiso Poetry Review


Archives and Apples in the Electric Text Podcast, and Stempien’s Videos Continue

Bailiwick apples

The semester is not only in full swing, but has somehow entered midterm season. I am in my first semester of neither teaching nor coursework as I plow through (more like dig around in) my first dissertation chapter. My current task has largely involved synthesizing Liberty Hyde Bailey’s vast and diverse work and making it legible to literary studies and ecocriticism. My advice to friends is not to ask too pointedly about how it’s going — the first chapter (so I’m told) is often the hardest to get done. Turns out the genre of the dissertation is tricky, and the stakes feel high. In the meantime, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating on a couple projects in media other than writing.


Two Summer Conferences: Bread Loaf Orion and ASLE

bread loaf middlebury campus

I had the pleasure to participate in two conferences this summer: the weeklong writers' conference Bread Loaf Orion at the Bread Loaf Mountain Campus of Middlebury College in Vermont, and the biennial conference of ASLE, the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, in Detroit.


Wind and Weather: A Summer in the Bailey Archive

I'm spending the summer getting back into Liberty Hyde Bailey and also writing and researching toward the first chapter of my dissertation.  I'll be regularly posting my findings at this new Medium blog, as I explain in this first post.  Check it out!

Sunset behind Cayuga Lake, Ithaca, NY


Bread Loaf Orion Environmental Writers’ Conference

I am pleased to say that this summer I'll be joining a flock of writers whose work variously engages with the “environment,” place, and ecology at the Bread Loaf Orion Environmental Writers’ Conference at the Bread Loaf Campus of Middlebury College in Ripton, VT, from June 3-9. 


Radio Interview on The Holy Earth for Marcus Smith's Thinking Aloud

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed on Earth Day this year by Marcus Smith for his radio show / podcast Thinking Aloud about Liberty Hyde Bailey and his book The Holy Earth, the centennial edition of which I edited this year in collaboration with Wendell Berry, who wrote the foreword.  You can listen to the interview, which spans Bailey's personal story from childhood on the farm to founding Dean of the College of Agriculture at Cornell, as well as my personal story about how Bailey changed my life (and the way I look at apples, among other things), here.