Poem: "Church of the Epiphany"

I was thrilled to discover today that my poem, "Church of the Epiphany," was publiPicture2shed online this week in Bridge Eight!

     whichever one had weathered best the words
     of students to their parents, old ones now

     to dead.

Read the whole thing here.

Thanks to my Space Poet buddies Heba, Saronik, Alexa, and Justin for helping this poem grow into itself, to the Jefferson Market Library where the poem was first hatched, and to my hometown of South Haven, Michigan (especially my high school friends with our crazy escapades, the Church of the Epiphany on Kalamazoo and Superior, and super balls everywhere), where all the inspiration came from! And RIP, Maddie—best dumb pup a kid could ask for.

Photo courtesy the Bridge Eight Instagram account (here)