Poem: "Ice Sheet Archive"

jewettblue door-copy-copy cropped

detail from the issue cover

It was a joy to return home from my summer residency and wanderings to find my contributor's copy of Broad River Review's 50th Anniversary Issue in the mail, which includes my poem "Ice Sheet Archive."

softly: lettered peninsular shapes
at the edges of these pages part
with one gloved finger's brush

I wrote the poem about a year ago, in response to the formation of history's largest iceberg, about the size of Delaware, when it broke off from the Larsen C Ice Shelf due to anthropogenic climate change.  I happened to be working in the Rare and Manuscript Collections at Cornell University at the time, to which I owe a significant portion of the poem's inspiration as well.

Thanks so much to Broad River Review for publishing this piece!  It is so gratifying to see it in the world, and to see it in such good company. I can't wait to get into some of the other work in this issue. Please consider supporting this magazine and its 50th Anniversary issue by ordering a copy here.  You can read my contribution below.

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