Panel at Midwestern History Conference

At the end of this month, on May 31 at 10:30 AM in Room 107-D of the DeVos Center at Grand Valley State University, I will be participating in a roundtable discussion at the Fifth Annual Midwestern History Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The panel's topic is "Placing Literary Agrarianism in the Twentieth-Century Midwest," and it will be composed of contributors to a new collection of essays, forthcoming from the Wisconsin Historical Society Press, titled Mapping Midwestern Minds: Essays on the Intellectual History of the American Midwest.

My contribution to that book is an essay titled "Agrarian 'Naturism': Liberty Hyde Bailey and the Michigan Frontier," which I cowrote with Daniel Rinn, a doctoral candidate in History at the University of Rochester. Daniel and I will both sit on the roundtable along with Allan C. Carlson of Hillsdale College and David Pichaske of Southwest Minnesota State University, and the roundtable will be chaired by Paul Murphy of Grand Valley State University.

If you're in the Grand Rapids area and interested in Liberty Hyde Bailey or twentieth-century literary agrarianism, I hope you'll stop by!