John Linstrom is a writer, doctoral candidate, teacher, Michigander, and occasional Liberty Hyde Bailey impersonator. He writes and publishes poetry and nonfiction prose and is currently entering his fourth year of a PhD in English and American Literature at New York University. His creative nonfiction book project is titled Havening: Love Letters to a Town and a Dead Man, and he edited a centennial edition of L. H. Bailey's agrarian manifesto, The Holy Earth, published in November 2015 by Counterpoint and featuring a new introduction by Wendell Berry. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing and Environment from Iowa State University. He co-coordinates the working group From Farm to Text. He is on Twitter, and he blogs on Medium.

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Poem: "What was Precious"

I'm very happy to announce the publication of my poem "What was Precious" in Valparaiso Poetry Review. You can read the poem here, and listen to my reading of it here.


Cover art (Superb Sunbird, 1991, by Robert Lostutter, b. 1931) for issue XIX.1 of Valparaiso Poetry Review